Premium Stock Market Widgets

A must have plugin for financial websites

About plugin

Premium Stock Market Widgets is one of the essentials that you will need when starting a new financial blog or putting together a website related to financial markets. If you run a news website or want to display share price of a public company it will be of great help too. The plugin allows to easily add financial data (such as stock, currency, commodity, ETF quotes) to your website.

The plugin supports wide range of asset classes, including:

Stocks and stock indices (see list of stock exchanges below)
All world currency pairs and crosses
Major commodities
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
US Treasury notes / bonds
Mutual funds
Bitcoin / USD

Supported stock exchanges are:

New York Stock Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
New Zealand Exchange
Deutsche Börse Xetra
Börse Berlin
Börse München
Börse Düsseldorf
Börse Frankfurt
Börse Stuttgart
Hamburg Exchange
Euronext Paris
Euronext Amsterdam
Euronext Brussels
Swiss Exchange
Madrid Stock Exchange
Lisbon Stock Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Helsinki Stock Exchange
Oslo Stock Exchange
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Moscow Stock Exchange (MICEX)
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Athens Exchange
Borsa Istanbul
Irish Stock Exchange
Korea Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Exchange
Singapore Exchange
Malaysia Stock Exchange
Indian Stock Exchanges
Bombay Stock Exchange
Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
Mexican Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
The Stock Exchange of Thailand

How it works

WordPress version

Widgets are configured through the admin interface and then added to a page or post by inserting a shortcode. No coding skills are required to use the plugin.

JavaScript / PHP version

Widgets are added by injecting short PHP snippets (similar to WordPress shortcodes) to a page.

System requirements

The plugin requires PHP 5.4.x or above. It also uses jQuery, Font Awesome and some other JavaScript libraries, which are loaded automatically.

Premium Stock Market Widgets Demo

Inline widgets

Inline widgets allow you to incorporate market data into text paragraphs as if you wrote it yourself. It is useful when you mention any publicly traded companies or currencies in the text, so visitors can see their recent quotes straight away.


  ( ) named Rafael Lizardi as next CFO. Current CFO, Kevin March, to retire in October 2017.   ( ) acquired Alsbridge. The deal is expected to be accretive to 2017 EPS and to have material impact on 2017 financials.

Basic 2

Box widgets

Box widgets let you display market quotes of an individual asset (stock, currency, ETF etc). They can be grouped together to display quotes of several assets.

Choose color theme
Basic 2
Basic 3
Color header
Color background
Gradient background
Horizontal (green / red)

Spark charts widgets

With this type of widgets you can display small spark line or bar charts along with the main asset quotes. Spark charts show performance of an asset during last few hours of trading.

Choose color theme
Spark line chart
Spark line chart 2
Spark line chart 3
Spark bar chart

Leaderboard widgets

Leaderboards widgets are wide blocks, which provide individual asset quotes and some additional metrics, such as daily range, market capitalization, volume etc. These widgets are suitable for placement in the top part of your website.

Choose color theme
52 week Range -
Color frame
Color background
Black background

Table widgets

Table widgets make it possible to display market data for multiple assets. You can also display additional financial metrics for each asset, such as market capitalization, number of shares, earnings per share, dividends etc. Specific columns can be added when configuring the table widget. Tables can be sorted by clicking on a specific column.

Choose color theme
Symbol Name Last Price Change % Change Market Cap Shares Outstanding
Color text
Color background
Color header rounded
Color header & border

Comparison widgets

Comparison widgets are similar to regular table widgets, but in this case assets are displayed vertically and metrics are displayed horizontally, which makes it easier to compare some key performance indicators between different assets.

Choose color theme
% Change
Market Cap
52 Week Low
52 Week High
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Rate
Color background
Black background

Portfolio widgets

Portfolio widgets allow to track performance of your investments by specifying purchase price for each item in your portfolio. The plugin will then automatically calculate the absolute and percent change of each asset based on current market prices.

Choose color theme
Symbol Name Purchase Price Invested Amount Last Price Sell Price Change % Change Return
120.00 600.00 -
49.50 495.00 -
42.45 1,061.25 -
605.00 1,210.00 -
298.00 1,192.00 350.00
Color text
Color background
Color header rounded
Color header & border

Chart widgets

Chart widgets allow you to add simple line or bar charts for a given stock or currency pair. Time frame, interval and color can be customized.

Line chart
Bar chart

Combo widgets

Combo widgets represent a mix of table and chart widgets, where the chart of each particular asset is revealed when you hover over table rows.

Table & chart
Symbol Name Last Price Change % Change Market Cap Shares Outstanding
Table & chart (modal)
Table & chart (extended modal)

Ticker widgets

Ticker widgets is one of the most widely used type of widgets. You can add as many assets as you wish and their quotes will be displayed in a scrolling ticker. Ticker speed and direction can be customized.

Choose color theme
() () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () ()
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