Stock Market Charts

Interactive stock market charts plugin

About plugin

Stock Market Charts allows to easily embed fully customizable interactive stock charts into a website.

Multiple asset classes
The following types of assets are supported: equities, stock indexes, currencies (FOREX), commodities futures, ETFs.
Different chart types
The following chart types are supported: line, smoothed line, bar, step, candlestick.
Intraday data
Charts can display intraday data with 15 minutes intervals (subject to data avilability for a particular asset and can not be guaranteed).
Volume chart
Trading volume graph is available for major stock exchanges.
Comparison feature
Historical performance of different assets can be compared against each other.
Look & feel
Display settings of the chart can be customized to a greatest degree.
Unlimited charts
Unlimited number of different charts can be added to a single web page.
i18n support
The plugin is translation ready (applicable to WordPress version).

Supported stock exchanges are:

New York Stock Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
New Zealand Exchange
Deutsche Börse Xetra
Börse Berlin
Börse München
Börse Düsseldorf
Börse Frankfurt
Börse Stuttgart
Hamburg Exchange
Euronext Paris
Euronext Amsterdam
Euronext Brussels
Swiss Exchange
Madrid Stock Exchange
Lisbon Stock Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Helsinki Stock Exchange
Oslo Stock Exchange
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Moscow Stock Exchange (MICEX)
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Athens Exchange
Borsa Istanbul
Irish Stock Exchange
Korea Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Exchange
Singapore Exchange
Malaysia Stock Exchange
Indian Stock Exchanges
Bombay Stock Exchange
Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
Mexican Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
The Stock Exchange of Thailand

How it works

WordPress version

Chart is configured through native admin interface and then added to a page or post by copying and pasting the chart shortcode. No coding or other technical skills are required to use the plugin.

JavaScript / PHP version

Chart is added by including necessary dependencies and injecting short HTML snippets to a web page. Please note that PHP is still required.

System requirements

The plugin requires PHP 5.4.x or above. It also uses jQuery, Select2 and amCharts JavaScript libraries.

Stock Market Charts Demo

Apple smoothed line chart

Microsoft candlestick chart

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