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A walk out by barristers who act in criminal cases in England and Wales looks set to be averted next month after the UK government agreed a raft of new measures — including increasing prosecution fees for the first time in 20 years. Barristers had voted overwhelmingly to take action in July — which could include walking out of trials and refusing to take on work — if their demands for fee increases were not met. Last week the Criminal Bar Association said that 95 per cent of its members who had responded to its ballot — some 2,586 barristers — had voted to support action over prosecution fees.

Australia's central bank cut rates to a record low on Tuesday and signalled willingness to go further as a worsening Sino-U.S. trade war raises recession risks for the world economy, pushing policymakers into what could be a global monetary easing cycle. RBA Governor Philip Lowe said the rate cut was designed to support employment growth and lift inflation, which has consistently undershot its 2%-to-3% medium-term target. "It is possible that the current policy settings will be enough – that we just need to be patient.

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What’s curious is that Commonwealth – the biggest of the four banks that dominate deposit-taking and lending in Australia – is acting an awful lot like cornered prey when things don’t seem so bad. For another, Commonwealth Bank is head and shoulders above its rivals on two crucial fronts: price-to-book and net interest margins. Commonwealth Bank has the largest workforce among Australia’s big four banks, and the second-lowest sales-per-employee ratio in the most recent half-year reporting period, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Moody's Investors Service has assigned definitive ratings to the notes issued by Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited in its capacity as the trustee of the Flexi ABS Trust 2019-1. "IMPORTANT NOTICE: MOODY'S RATINGS AND PUBLICATIONS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY RETAIL INVESTORS.

Moody's Investors Service has assigned ratings to Delta Air Lines, Inc.'s Pass Through Certificates, Series 2019-1 that the company announced earlier today: $425 million Class AA with a legal final due date of October 25, 2025 at Aa3 and $75 million Class A with a legal final due date of October 25, 2025 at A3 (together, "the Certificates"). The senior unsecured rating of Delta is Baa3, its rating outlook is stable and neither is affected by this rating action.

After a year of bruising interrogation, Australia's oligopoly banking system has emerged from a government-appointed inquiry with reputations tarnished and some top executives removed - but also an unexpected opportunity to rebuild. Proposed reforms to the mortgage broking industry revealed on Monday will potentially put billions of dollars of broker-originated loans in play in the banks' most important profit-generating sector. Australia's "Big Four" banks - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corp - now have the opportunity to battle for the money projected to leak from the mortgage broking sector and capture extra margins by cutting out an intermediary.

Half Year 2019 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Earnings Presentation

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CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recorded a drop in statutory net drop in its latest half-year to 4.6 billion Australian dollars ($3.3 billion) on Wednesday as the nation's biggest lender was hit by costs for misconduct, lower profit margins and a downturn in the housing market.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the country's biggest lender, posted a weaker than expected first-half profit on Wednesday as rising costs and fierce competition for mortgages squeezed its margins, sending its shares down sharply. The result reflects the pincer action that is putting a brake on profit growth in Australian banks: global market turmoil is making it more expensive for them to borrow money, while a housing downturn spurs competition for new customers. The inquiry's final report, published on Monday, recommended regulators consider prosecutions for 24 misconduct cases which may include CBA.

Australian bank shares surged the most in a decade on Tuesday after a long-awaited report on finance-sector misconduct recommended dozens of rule changes but spared the "Big Four" lenders any serious threat to their market dominance. In a report released by the government on Monday, the retired judge who led a public inquiry into financial-sector misconduct last year, referred 24 cases to regulators for possible prosecution. "It is possible that the banks may face criminal proceedings but we do not believe that any of the 76 recommendations by themselves will have a material financial impact," UBS analysts said in a research note.

A special government-appointed inquiry excoriated Australia's financial sector for misconduct on Monday, referring two dozen cases to regulators for possible legal action but leaving the structure of the country's powerful banks in place. Regulators will be subjected to a new oversight body and the financial industry's pay will be overhauled to remove conflicts of interest, according to the recommendations of the so-called Royal Commission. The recommendations come after the public inquiry heard 11 months of shocking revelations of the financial industry's wrongdoing, including that fees were charged to the accounts of dead people and that cash bribes were paid over the counter to win mortgage business, wiping A$60 billion from the country's top finance stocks.

The CEO and chairman of National Australia Bank Ltd were called out for apparent unwillingness to accept responsibility for past wrongs at the country's No. 4 lender in a landmark report on the sector, published on Monday. After a year-long inquiry, the financial services Royal Commission recommended referring some of the country's biggest money managers to regulators for possible further action in 24 cases, but largely avoided naming individuals. "Having heard from both the CEO, Mr Thorburn, and the Chair, Dr Henry, I am not as confident as I would wish to be that the lessons of the past have been learned," wrote the retired High Court judge who ran the inquiry, Kenneth Hayne, in his final report.

Australia's corporate regulators will be subjected to a new oversight body in a shake-up of the banking sector recommended on Monday by a high-powered independent inquiry into financial sector greed and malpractice. The government-appointed inquiry known as a Royal Commission also advised in its landmark report that remuneration structures across the industry be overhauled to remove systemic conflicts of interest. The commission's recommendations were released by the government after 11 months of shocking revelations of financial wrongdoing which wiped A$60 billion (33.22 billion pounds) from the country's top finance stocks.

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16 Jun, 2019
The price of Bitcoin hit a 13 month high this morning, climbing above $9,300, according to Coin360. Binance boss Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao was, somewhat unsurprisingly, very happy about this. Over 9000! — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) June 16, 2019 What a difference six months can make. Today marks 6 month anniversary of Bitcoin bottom hit on Dec 16 last year. 6 months ago Bitcoin was supposed to hit $1000 and now we are talking about breaking $20k and beyond. Crazy how times change. — Anondran (@anondran) June 16, 2019 Next stop $10,000 and the beginning of a “crypto summer”, according to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire. Crypto market rallying (again) ahead of Libra launch, marking a massive inflection point in global adoption The post Superb Sunday for Bitcoin as price breaks $9,000 appeared first on Coin Rivet.
14 Jun, 2019
Coinbase has become one of the largest exchanges in the world. Based in the US and operating since 2011, the exchange is often the first place many people go to buy their first ever Bitcoin. Coinbase provides many benefits such as simplicity of use, but it has also received criticism from Bitcoiners as well as many of its customers. Let’s take a look at four things you should know about Coinbase. Ease of use One of the key benefits of using Coinbase is that it has a simple user interface that is ideal for people who have very little knowledge of the cryptocurrency scene. You can buy and store four of the major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The post Coinbase review: Four things you should know appeared first on Coin Rivet.
Today the price of Bitcoin is US$8,275.48; Ethereum is US$256.28; XRP is US$0.399167; Bitcoin Cash is  US$410.96 and Litecoin is US$132.20. These are the Top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. About the Top 5 cryptocurrencies The top 5 cryptocurrencies are the biggest and most significant cryptocurrencies and constitute the top half of The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. Bitcoin In August 2008, the domain name was registered. On 31st October 2008, a paper was published called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. This was authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. To date, no one knows who this person, or people, are. The paper outlined a method of using a P2P network for electronic transactions without “relying The post The Top 5 cryptocurrencies latest price appeared first on Coin Rivet.
Bitcoin looks to be poised on the verge of its next bull run, according to the head of one of the world’s most respected independent financial advisory organisations. Nigel Green, chief executive of deVere Group, claims that Bitcoin’s sustained foray above $8,000 today looks sustainable enough to build for a push even higher, propelling the value of the decade-old cryptocurrency to heights unseen since 2017. “Ditching its trademark volatility, Bitcoin has been stuck in no-man’s land for over a week, oscillating within a $600 range,” he said in a Coin Rivet article for the Daily Express. “But the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency surged to the upside on Wednesday and cleared the key $8,000 resistance level – this could The post Bitcoin bull run imminent, expert says appeared first on Coin Rivet.
13 Jun, 2019
At the time of writing, the reality is that most DEXs, or decentralised exchanges, are still quite difficult to use – mostly due to bad user interfaces and user experience. There are a few exceptions (which I will cover later), but the fact of the matter is that to have a great crypto-trading experience, you should probably look into centralised exchanges, mainly because of the additional support and functionality. Even though some crypto-enthusiasts like Vitalik Buterin are quite against the centralisation of exchanges and services – due to the non-custodial aspect of centralisation – it’s an easy way to get started or to trade professionally. Vitalik Buterin: “I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible” The post The top five cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019 appeared first on Coin Rivet.
12 Jun, 2019
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Peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace Paxful has announced it has partnered with blockchain exchange and wallet AirTM. The move means Paxful users will now be able to fund and withdraw Bitcoin from their accounts using AirTM as a payment method. Both organisations operate largely across Latin America where they work with emerging markets and unbanked communities. The partnership will allow the two companies to provide a service similar to PayPal across economically-challenged communities which have been historically affected by hyperinflation and lack of banking security. According to AirTM CEO Ruben Galindo, the introduction of a peer-to-peer platform will allow currencies to be traded for Bitcoin and introduce crypto to 300,000 new customers while opening up almost $6m in monthly transaction volume. Possibilities The post AirTM teams up with Paxful appeared first on Coin Rivet.
11 Jun, 2019
It seems that every few years or so, new technologies enter the hype cycle and are touted as the next big game changer. Around 10 years ago it was 3D printing. Then, with the creation of Bitcoin, hype emerged regarding the underlying blockchain technology. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken some of that spotlight and has joined the hype train. Blockchain and artificial intelligence could connect the world of the future through the Internet of Things. Decentralise everything It is argued that we are currently in the midst of a fourth Industrial Revolution thanks to the advances in technology. Blockchain is just one part of this, and so is artificial intelligence. AI arguably has the potential to remove the necessity The post What is the relationship between blockchain and artificial intelligence? appeared first on Coin Rivet.
10 Jun, 2019
Justin Sun will try to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency community and the traditional investor when he has lunch with Warren Buffett.
Last week was the annual charity auction for lunch with Warren Buffett, and this year's winner was Justin Sun, CEO of Tron and BitTorrent, who paid $4.6M for the lunch, and he joins Yahoo Finance to discuss.
Fresh off CME Group's announcement last week that its bitcoin futures product in May had its best month since the product first launched in late 2017 (record levels in both open interest and volume), we decided to analyze the CFTC's Commitment of Traders (COT) report to unpack who is driving the growth in open interest, and compare how traders are currently positioning themselves (long/short) relative to historical net exposure.The post Who's buying and selling bitcoin futures? An analysis of the CFTC COT report appeared first on The Block.
There are numerous social media sites used by the cryptocurrency community. While much of the debate tends to take place over on Twitter, Reddit is also one of the main sources for breaking news and discussion of your favourite cryptocurrency topics. Like anything to do with cryptocurrency, controversy is never far away, with accusations of censorship attached to the main Bitcoin subreddit. Here are three cryptocurrency subreddits you should be following. r/Bitcoin The largest and most popular subreddit – now with over 1 million members – is also the one that has experienced the most controversy. The issue, like most controversies within the Bitcoin community, stems from the scaling debate. Those who advocated for larger blocks felt that their posts The post Three cryptocurrency subreddits you should be following appeared first on Coin Rivet.
At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading above $7,700 after price spiked during the weekend, climbing from $7,450 to almost $8,200. BTC is trading above its 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day EMAs after a massive spike in price earlier in May which took Bitcoin through the roof on almost all exchanges. I’m hopeful the trend will continue for the time being, but there may well be another pullback on the horizon which could take BTC back to $5,800-$6,200. Of course, as more time passes, the less likely this becomes. Traders say the trend is your friend until the end. As of the middle of March, it seems we’ve been continually accumulating at higher prices, meaning we are definitely following The post Latest Bitcoin price and analysis (BTC to USD) appeared first on Coin Rivet.
09 Jun, 2019
The bears have been in control this week, with the majors needing a weekend rally of old to reverse the current week’s losses…
07 Jun, 2019
As one of the most secure blockchain networks, Bitcoin’s block space is highly valued by its users. Because of its security, Bitcoin has inadvertently fallen into a role as a data repository for businesses attempting to leverage its OP_RETURN script.The post A look at VeriBlock's relationship with Bitcoin appeared first on The Block.
Legal questions hang over Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, after a price crash in a little known alt coin forced the firm to liquidate the positions of traders on the platform.The post Poloniex could leave itself open to legal threats by socializing 1,800 BTC loss appeared first on The Block.
A former US Government senior official has ripped into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, warning they could all suddenly be worth nothing. John Reed Stark, who served for more than two decades with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – half of it as head of its Office for Internet Enforcement – used his latest swipe at BTC to carry a foreboding message that crypto will, without warning, have a value of zero. In a Coin Rivet article for the Daily Express, the former government finance supremo lays into the whole concept of cryptocurrency in a bile-addled tirade. Stark, who has repeatedly railed against crypto since leaving office, regularly writes articles and essays on why he sides with entrepreneur Warren Buffett The post “Crypto winter is still coming,” says a Stark appeared first on Coin Rivet.
CME Group announced that its bitcoin futures product had its best month since the product first launched in late 2017, hitting fresh highs in both volume and open interest in May.The post CME bitcoin futures saw new records in both volume and open interest in May, adding over 200 new trading accounts appeared first on The Block.
06 Jun, 2019
This past week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to eToro senior analyst Mati Greenspan about how Bitcoin and blockchain technology are developing and what the future holds for crypto. Mati is the grandson of a self-made billionaire, and his long road to financial expertise started at a very young age. During his youth, he would research and write down the prices of assets such as gold and deliver his notes to his grandfather so he could make decisions regarding his portfolios. During our talk, we discussed interesting topics surrounding Bitcoin and blockchain technology, such as how Bitcoin is developing both as a store of value and as a currency, the impact of regulators and governments on the Bitcoin The post Mati Greenspan discusses the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency appeared first on Coin Rivet.
Open margin interest on Bitfinex has fallen by 23% since the start of the week to reach a new 12-month low. Since Bitcoin failed to hold its $8,400 support on June 3, open interest for BTC/USD shorts and longs on Bitfinex has fallen from 45,000 to 37,000 BTC. Given the price drop in Bitcoin from $8,400 to its current level of $7,800, the decline in open margin interest equates to a drop of $88 million, as we have seen nearly 4,400 shorts and 3,300 longs close over the last three days. The Hong Kong-based exchange offers margin trading on its BTC/USD market but only to the extent of 3x leverage. Given its low leverage and trusted reputation in the industry The post Bitfinex margin interest falls by $88 million as Bitcoin drops below support appeared first on Coin Rivet.
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OKCoin – a leading fiat-focused digital asset exchange operating in 184 countries – has announced that traders outside the US can now deposit and withdraw euros. From last night, all OKCoin users were given the green light to participate in euro spot trading for leading digital assets, with more pairings to be added in the coming months. The exchange – which was originally launched in China – also revealed it would not be charging any fees for euro transactions from today until September 4 2019. As the world’s second-largest currency, the euro becomes the latest addition to OKCoin’s stable of tradable assets alongside cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Decred, EOS, Litecoin, 0x, Stellar, Tron, XRP, and Zcash. The post Euro trading launches for OKCoin appeared first on Coin Rivet.
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23 Apr, 2019

EUR/USD news - In what is set to be a busy week, the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate announcement will dominate trader’s attention amid expectations that the central bank could flag plans to ease monetary policy.

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16 Jun, 2019 / 06:44

Today’s positive US data seemed to mitigate the speculations over a probable Fed rate cut. Fiber dropped 0.66% reaching near 1.1214 levels amid Greenback upsurge and weak German & Italian data.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 17:44

The Euro initially shot higher during trading on Friday, but then pulled back a bit to show signs of weakness again. Ultimately, we are testing a major support level underneath so it’s likely that we continue to see volatility.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 16:34

EUR/USD seems to have fallen into a range below 1.1280 ahead of US retail sales which are scheduled for release today. I expect some volatility from the release, but I think the markets will be more focused on the Fed who are scheduled to meet next week.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 09:10

US market received an unexpected bounce from surging oil prices as energy stocks topped the list of winners. But investor sentiment remains supported by the one constant that keeps the S&P 500 ticking, the allure of the Federal Reserve easy money policy.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 08:13

It’s a litmus test for the U.S economy today. Retail sales and consumer sentiment figures will give the FED an idea of how consumers really feel.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 06:10 -- The dollar was lower against the yen and euro early Friday in Europe but higher against risk proxies such as the Aussie dollar as traders shunned risk ahead of a weekend set to be marked by geopolitical tensions.

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14 Jun, 2019 / 03:34

It looks like the calm in the currencies is drawing to a close and volatility is about to pick up. So far, so good. We’re at a crossroads these days: after a recent string of declines, the USD appears to be catching a bid. This is not without repercussions and a move either way will be profoundly felt across the markets. But which way that move will be? Read on to find out – and also get positioned accordingly.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 21:27

The next FOMC meeting will take place on June 19, and on June 13 the interest rates markets were pricing in a rate cut of 25 bps by 24.2%, while the likelihood of the Fed leaving rates unchanged in the 225-250 interval was at 75.8%.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 21:15

Based on the early price action, the direction of the EUR/USD on Thursday is likely to be determined by trader reaction to the downtrending Gann angle at 1.1297. We’re still waiting for a confirmation of the closing price reversal top. Volatility is likely to pick up once 1.1283 is taken out and the chart pattern is confirmed.  

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13 Jun, 2019 / 12:46

Before he turned 19, bitcoin bets made Erik Finman a millionaire. Now, the crypto wunderkind says he wants to create a platform for investing in cryptocurrencies that is easy for average folks to use.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 12:28

The U.S. dollar was slightly higher on Thursday as traders increased expectations that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates in the coming months. Consumer inflation data on Wednesday helped support the case for a cut, as it slipped from the Fed's 2% target. Traders have been speculating on the possibility of the central bank changing its course on monetary policy due to slowing inflation and rising trade tensions.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 10:24

The Greenback is on the back foot early as the Asian markets respond to softer inflation out of the U.S. Australian employment figures failed to impress this morning.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 02:01

When it comes to the U.S.-China trade fight, bond traders are too pessimistic, stock traders are too optimistic, and currency traders are too complacent, say analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 20:44

ECB President Mario Draghi commented today that the Central and Eastern Europe remains vulnerable to the trade war headwinds. Weak EIA Crude data resulted in a decline of Oil prices.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 18:03

The Euro rallied a bit during early trading on Wednesday but continues to find a lot of trouble in the neighborhood of 1.1350. As long as that’s the case, it’s very likely that we will get some type of pullback.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 16:57

Based on the early price action, the direction of the EUR/USD the rest of the session is likely to be determined by trader reaction to the Fib level at 1.1318.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 13:26

The U.S. dollar pared back earlier gains after tame inflation data supported the case for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates. The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was up 0.05% to 96.690 by 10:15 AM ET (14:15 GMT), after reaching an earlier high of 96.757. Consumer inflation edged up 0.1% in May and was up 1.8% on the year, slipping from the Federal Reserve's 2% target.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 10:17

President Donald Trump is again calling for a weaker dollar. That desire may now be lining up with market fundamentals. That means future tweets and other comments could pack more punch than in the past, says a prominent currency watcher.

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12 Jun, 2019 / 05:17

Tesco PLC news

Like a puppy chasing its tail, some new investors often chase 'the next big thing', even if that means buying 'story...

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14 Jun, 2019 / 05:00

British retailer Tesco has no plans to exit its central European operations, Chairman John Allan said on Thursday. At Tesco's annual shareholder meeting an investor asked if the group would still own central European operations by December 2020. "I've been taught never say never because things may change but at the moment we have no plans that the board has discussed or approved to exit central Europe," he said at the meeting held at Tesco's headquarters in Welwyn, north of London, which was webcast.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 12:40

The boss of Tesco said he had unfinished business at Britain's biggest retailer after its quarterly sales growth slowed in a subdued grocery market under a cloud from poor early summer weather. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Tesco is deep into a recovery plan under Chief Executive Dave Lewis after a 2014 accounting scandal capped a dramatic downturn in its fortunes. "I'm aware of all the chatter," he told reporters after Tesco published a first quarter trading update before its annual shareholders' meeting.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 07:22

Tesco suffered a sharp slowdown in sales growth in its core UK business in the first quarter after a boost from the warm weather and royal wedding a year ago. Analysts had forecast a 0.8 per cent rise, according to Reuters. The grocer, which is nearing the end of a four-year turnround programme under chief executive Dave Lewis, said it had outperformed a “subdued” grocery market.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 06:41

On one side, Amazon — the US ecommerce giant whose founder once said: “If you double the number of experiments you do, you’re going to double your inventiveness.” And on the other, Wm Morrison, the north of England grocery chain that still makes its own meat pies, whose former boss advised: “If in doubt, have a cup of tea.” But their relationship appears to be thriving — and becoming one that rivals Tesco and Marks and Spencer might regard with some jealousy. It cements a three-year union that already sees Morrisons acting as wholesaler for all of Amazon’s other UK food offerings.

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13 Jun, 2019 / 03:37

By buying an index fund, you can roughly match the market return with ease. But if you buy good businesses at...

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31 May, 2019 / 04:58

Britain's "Big Four" supermarkets all lost market share in the 12 weeks to May 19, market research company Kantar said, as like-for-like sales flatlined at leader Tesco and fell at Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons. Tesco's share fell to 27.3% from 27.7% a year ago, while Sainsbury's and Asda had equal shares of 15.2%, after sales fell by 1.7% and 0.2% respectively, Kantar said.

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29 May, 2019 / 08:10

Regulators are watching a price war in mortgages "like a hawk" and may need to impose stricter minimum capital requirements on lenders, Bank of England Deputy Governor Sam Woods said on Friday. The price war over the past two years may be good news for consumers wanting to buy their first home, but it was less good for a bank or building society concentrated in mortgages, Woods told the Building Societies Association. High loan-to-value ratios and higher loan-to-income home loans can be well captured by the BoE's capital requirements.

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24 May, 2019 / 12:35

Britain's biggest retailer Tesco will stop mortgage lending at its banking business because of tough market conditions, it said on Tuesday, as rival lender Nationwide Building Society reported a drop in profit margins. Tesco Bank, which serves more than 23,000 mortgage customers with total balances of 3.7 billion pounds ($4.7 billion), said it would stop new lending and seek to sell its existing portfolio of home loans. "In recent years, challenging market conditions have limited profitable growth opportunities," said Tesco Bank Chief Executive Gerry Mallon.

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21 May, 2019 / 17:20

The FTSE 100 was up 0.3%, while the FTSE 250 rose 0.5%, with builder Galliford Try leading gains after announcing job cuts. After weeks of waiting for significant updates on Brexit, investors welcomed a "new deal" for Britain's departure from the European Union set out by Prime Minister Theresa May, which offered the prospect of a possible second referendum on the agreement.

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21 May, 2019 / 16:45

Spanish fund formerly run by Paramés seeks investments in the US and UK

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20 May, 2019 / 21:47

HONG KONG/PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Carrefour, Europe largest retailer, is exploring the sale of a minority stake in its loss-making business in China and has started sounding out potential buyers, people familiar with the matter said. Carrefour's China business is valued at around $1 billion (£784 million) and the retailer is working with BNP Paribas on the deal, the sources said. A Carrefour spokeswoman said on Friday: "There is nothing particularly new to say about the matter", when asked about China.

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20 May, 2019 / 09:49

Today we are going to look at Tesco PLC (LON:TSCO) to see whether it might be an attractive investment prospect. To be...

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17 May, 2019 / 05:13

French retailer Carrefour and U.S. waste recycling company TerraCycle launched on Tuesday the test for their 'Loop' initiative which they hope will tackle the problems of plastic waste threatening to destroy the environment. The 'Loop' online platform will allow shoppers in the Paris area to buy orange juice, powder detergent or shampoo in reusable containers that do not result in waste. Users put down a refundable deposit via the Loop website when ordering products, which are delivered in reusable glass and metal bottles, and shipped in a tote bag to shoppers' doors.

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14 May, 2019 / 16:33

After stumbling badly amid an accounting scandal, a horse-meat disaster, and a bungled foreign expansion, the British grocer has successfully returned to its local roots. The company’s coming investor day should offer more good news.

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03 May, 2019 / 08:00

Microsoft Corporation news

16 Jun, 2019 14:10 FinancialContent

The tech giant isn't too worried about cloud gaming threats just yet.

16 Jun, 2019 12:53 FinancialContent

Video game trade event E3 had a new console rollout from Microsoft Inc. (NASDAQ: MSFT), tons of upcoming game previews and even an ...

15 Jun, 2019 22:02 FinancialContent

Insiders are scooping up shares, but the company still faces formidable headwinds.

15 Jun, 2019 20:40 FinancialContent

The company that builds custom systems for the titans of the internet knows more than almost anyone what's needed to grow and scale in a cloud-first world.

Amazon will also match employee contributions to 20 homeless groups for the next three months.

As the arms race among the software and cloud-computing giants accelerates, Citigroup outlines the next seven most likely M&A targets.

Overall, the first quarter has been relatively strong for retailers, so let's look at what investors should expect from Kroger to see if they should consider buying KR stock heading into its Q1 earnings release.

Let's see what to expect from Oracle's fourth-quarter fiscal 2019 financial results that are due out after the closing bell on Wednesday, June 19.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 witnessed major announcements from Microsoft (MSFT), Nintendo, EA and other gaming companies.

14 Jun, 2019 18:58 FinancialContent

Morgan Stanley came away from the Electronics Entertainment Expo video game trade show in Los Angeleswith a better understanding ...

Shares of Microsoft Corp. edged up 0.4% toward a record high in afternoon trading Friday, as the software giant looks set to extend its streak as a trillion-dollar company to six sessions, to buck a decline in the broader stock market. After a single day with a trillion-dollar market capitalization on April 29, Microsoft re-claimed that territory on June 7, and has held it since. The market cap was last around $1.018 trillion, while second-place Inc. was way behind at $921.3 billion and Apple Inc. was in third at $887.3 billion. Microsoft's record gain Friday comes despite the Dow Jones Industrial Average being down 14 points, or 0.1%, and the Nasdaq Composite shedding 0.5%.

14 Jun, 2019 17:33 Yahoo! Finance

Daniel Newman, principal analyst and founding partner at Futurum Research, says "the total available market for collaboration [with Microsoft] is tremendous, and I think Slack can continue to grow." Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi speak to him.

14 Jun, 2019 17:27 Yahoo! Finance

Today we've highlighted three stocks with a Zacks Rank 2 (Buy) or better that could be poised for further IoT-based growth soon.

14 Jun, 2019 17:20 Yahoo! Finance

Larry Swedroe is on a mission: Save investors, one at a time if necessary. To spread his gospel, Swedroe writes investing books and is director of research at Buckingham Asset Management in St. Louis.

After only a few years, Microsoft's free Visual Studio Code has become one ofthe most popular code editors on the market

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Editor's note: InvestorPlace's Earnings Reports to Watch is updated weekly. Please check back next week for our latest earnings picks.U.S. equity markets are climbing again. After weakness in May, broad market indices have rallied in June -- for reasons that aren't obvious. Earnings reports haven't been much of a driver; the earnings calendar has been light. External factors still seem somewhat bearish.It may be that fears of a trade war are being balanced by hopes for another Fed rate cut. The May sell-off may have been enough to entice investors. With Treasury yields plunging and overseas risks rising, it may be that investors simply see nowhere else to find returns.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsFor now, at least, investors seem willing to stick with U.S. equities. With a month to go until earnings season kicks in again, it remains to be seen whether that will remain the case.In the meantime, there are some interesting earnings reports to watch next week -- even if the calendar remains too light to move the entire market. A tech giant will try to prove its turnaround is underway. A cannabis leader will try to jumpstart a sector that has struggled in recent months. And one of the nation's most important retailers should give clues as to the health of the U.S. consumer. * 10 Stocks to Buy That Wall Street Expects to Soar for the Rest of 2019 Investor eyes likely will stay on politics next week, but savvy investors should keep a close eye on these earnings reports as well, even if they may not make headlines. Earnings Reports to Watch: Oracle (ORCL)Source: Shutterstock Earnings Report Date: Wednesday, June 19, after market closeSimply put, recent earnings from Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) haven't been good enough. Oracle actually has beaten expectations in the last two quarters, but revenue declined year-over-year in each period. The company's long-awaited shift to the cloud hasn't played out.Given that, ORCL stock actually has held up reasonably well, touching an all-time high earlier this year. But investor patience might be running out. I asked over a year ago whether Oracle was the next Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) -- a tech giant ready to reclaim former glory -- or the next IBM (NYSE:IBM), unable to quite keep pace with the technological change around it.Oracle still hasn't answered that question, but it gets another chance on Wednesday afternoon. A big fiscal-fourth-quarter report, including some level of revenue growth, might stoke optimism and allow ORCL to reclaim those all-time highs. Anything less at a time when cloud demand should be soaring, and investors might get sick of waiting for Oracle to show progress on its turnaround. Kroger (KR)Source: Shutterstock Earnings Report Date: Thursday, June 20, before market openGrocery stores, including Kroger (NYSE:KR), plunged two years ago when (NASDAQ:AMZN) acquired Whole Foods Market. That deal perhaps hasn't been as transformative as some thought it might be - but since then, sentiment toward grocery stocks has appeared muted. KR stock did manage to rally from late 2017 lows -- but a 10% decline so far this year has the stock back where it traded two years ago.But what the Amazon-Whole Foods deal obscured was the fact that Kroger itself had sent the industry reeling just the day before. A disastrous fiscal Q1 report sent KR shares tumbling 18% and brought other grocery stocks down with it. As that report showed, Kroger earnings can impact its peers and even its competitors.For both Kroger and the grocery sector, Q1 FY20 results seem particularly important. Kroger reported more margin pressure with its fiscal Q4 report in March. Walmart (NYSE:WMT), Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) and even Target (NYSE:TGT) continue to show strength. A second straight miss -- particularly if accompanied by more margin pressure -- will suggest that Kroger is struggling to compete. That in turn suggests that smaller chains like Weis Markets (NYSE:WMK) and Ingles Markets (NASDAQ:IMKTA) may have their own problems going forward. * 7 High-Quality Cheap Stocks to Buy With $10 With those stocks all selling off of late, expectations for Kroger earnings likely are low. But the company will need to at least meet those expectations -- or else investors might start questioning not just KR stock, but the entire sector. Canopy Growth (CGC)Source: Shutterstock Earnings Report Date: Thursday, June 20, after market closeAfter a big rally to start 2019, shares of cannabis play Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC) have drifted mostly downward. That includes a 20%+ decline from late April highs. Other major pot plays have seen similar trends. With growth slowing in the Canadian recreational market, and no other significant catalyst on the horizon, the optimism surrounding cannabis stocks at least seems to have moderated.We'll see if Canopy Growth -- the most valuable direct cannabis play out there -- can resurrect some of that optimism on Thursday afternoon. Certainly, Canopy earnings are likely to move the entire sector.And in the context of recent reports, Canopy is carrying a lot of weight. Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) missed revenue estimates in its fiscal Q3 last month. Cronos (NASDAQ:CRON) earnings were underwhelming.The sector clearly needs some good news. At the moment, it looks like it's up to Canopy Growth to provide it.As of this writing, Vince Martin has no positions in any securities mentioned. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 10 Stocks to Buy That Wall Street Expects to Soar for the Rest of 2019 * 7 Value Stocks That Are Flying Under the Radar * 6 Mouth-Watering Fast Food Stocks for Growth Investors Compare Brokers The post 3 Earnings Reports to Watch Next Week appeared first on InvestorPlace.

Looking for stocks to buy? Get analysis of large-cap stocks like Amazon, Alibaba and Dow Jones stocks GE and Microsoft to see if it's time to buy — or sell.

MarketWatch’s most-read stories this week include analyses of the Beyond Meat stock phenomenon.

Style Box ETF report for EPS

Is (MSFT) Outperforming Other Computer and Technology Stocks This Year?

The index traversed a volatile week, guided largely by trade-related developments.

Resolution of trade conflict with Mexico and high expectation of rate cut by the Fed enabled the technology sector to recover lost ground in June.

* Oil surges as much as 4%; Energy top gainer among S&P sectors

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By Toroso Investments In last week’s ETF Think Tank research note, we covered the importance of ETF advisors having an IPS to drive portfolio management and allow a focus on growth. This week we lighten things up a bit with ETF Nerd trivia. We cover 5 distinct questions intended to  inspire and...

* Indexes up: Dow 0.09%, S&P 0.16%, Nasdaq 0.35% (Updates prices, comments)

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* Indexes up: Dow 0.42%, S&P 0.45%, Nasdaq 0.66% (Updates to open)

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Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $0.46 per share. The dividend is payable Sept. 12, 2019, to shareholders of record on Aug. 15, 2019. The ex-dividend date will be Aug. 14, 2019.

The bullcase for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is based on the belief that its cloud platform Azure remains in the ...

The stock market closed lower Wednesday, but kept its uptrend intact as the Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 remained about 1% from this week's highs.

The FCC’s maps have been blasted for overstating how many places in the country have access to high-speed internet.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) is credited for its strong product momentum in recent years, which has helped it to challenge ...

Investors might want to think twice before dismissing potential antitrust probes of Big Tech as a temporary concern.

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The market for software initial public offerings remains strong, with CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. shares soaring in their trading debut.

The software company is back with a 13-figure market cap, something that hasn't happened for the two other tech giants that planted that flag last summer. Inc agreed on Monday to buy big data firm Tableau Software Inc for $15.3 billion, adding muscle in its fight with Microsoft Corp for a bigger share of the market that helps businesses target customers with tools to analyze and visualize data.

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The chipmaker is an underdog in the CPU and GPU markets, but it’s retaining its lead in gaming consoles.

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Do these big businesses deserve a place in your portfolio?

The fear in Silicon Valley is that antitrust investigations of big tech will blunt momentum of an industry that powers the U.S. economy. But history tells us another story.

Dropbox Inc. radically revamped its software lineup Tuesday in a bold bid to take on Microsoft Corp. and Google for supremacy in the market for productivity.

The top U.S. antitrust enforcer said on Tuesday that studying enforcement actions against Standard Oil and AT&T decades ago can help lay the groundwork for looking at possible anti-competitive behavior at today's tech giants such as Alphabet's Google and Facebook.

Cloud-based gaming could allow Big Tech - particularly Inc, Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc's Google - to pull revenue away from traditional video game publishers in the coming years, Citi analysts said in a research note on Tuesday.

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* Indexes: Dow down 0.2%, S&P down 0.1%, Nasdaq down 0.1% (Updates to late afternoon)

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Cloud storage provider Dropbox Inc on Tuesday announced a major update of its core software that will pull together a variety of work-related tools into one spot, part of the company's continued push to offer higher-profit services beyond raw storage space.

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The Invesco Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF (PWB) is seeing unusually high volume in afternoon trading Tuesday, with over 364,000 shares traded versus three month average volume of about 57,000. Shares of PWB were down about 0.5% on the day.

It’s mostly momentum investors who are buying the likes of AMD and Tesla.

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The video game industry is rewarding new and different ideas rather than copycats, and those companies that can hit on the next new ...

* Indexes down: Dow 0.05%, S&P 0.09%, Nasdaq 0.10% (Updates to early afternoon)

Technically speaking, the U.S. benchmarks have staged a bullish June reversal, rising sharply from multi-month lows, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

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A new video game and esports exchange traded fund debuted last week, bringing new competition to the video game ETF space. That ...

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The TrimTabs All Cap US Free-Cash-Flow ETF publishes its holdings daily.

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* Indexes up: Dow 0.49%, S&P 0.64%, Nasdaq 0.85% (Updates to open)

For a market nearing all-time highs, volatility remains curiously elevated. The message, in a slow news cycle like the one we’re ...

The head of Inc's cloud computing division on Monday said the company would work with any government agency that followed the law, in contrast with rival Microsoft Corp, which has touted its rejection of controversial sales.

The head of Inc's cloud computing division on Monday said the company would work with any government agency that followed the law, in contrast with rival Microsoft Corp, which has touted its rejection of some controversial sales.

Two hefty acquisitions by Alphabet Inc. and Inc. in the exploding arena of Big Data appear to be expensive moves to shore up their competitive stances against an older but wiser software behemoth, Microsoft Corp.

A pair of tech companies will continue to work together, while Microsoft seems determined to stay in the Trillionaire's Club.

More American millennials now subscribe to a video game service than to a traditional paid television service, according to a survey on Monday, as consumers favor new forms of entertainment that are shifting the broader media landscape.

More American millennials now subscribe to a video game service than to a traditional paid television service, according to a survey on Monday, as consumers favor new forms of entertainment that are shifting the broader media landscape.

More American millennials now subscribe to a video game service than to a traditional paid television service, according to a survey on Monday, as consumers favor new forms of entertainment that are shifting the broader media landscape.

Plans for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) technology to be used in Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)’s ...

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Apple Inc news

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The voices are growing louder that the US economy is starting to sputter. From Morgan Stanley, stock strategist Michael Wilson said last month, “Recent data points suggest US earnings and economic risk is greater than most investors may think,” and the May jobs report, released on June 7, backed him up. The numbers were grim, with only 75,000 new jobs reported for the month, and the previous two months revised down by an equal amount. Other data has shown a slowdown in the services sector, and a nine-year low in manufacturing activity.The data is starting to point towards trouble, but the real problem with protecting your portfolio in a downturn lies in the lagging definition of a recession: two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. Given that growth data is typically reported one month after the fact, this means that investors will always be 4 to 7 months late in taking protective measures. So, let’s be proactive about this, and take a look at TipRanks’ database to find some reliable stocks for defensive investing. These are not necessarily “classic” defensive stocks; rather, these companies have shown by recent performance that they can deliver profits even in a downturn. Apple, Inc. (AAPL)First on our list today is Apple, partly because these days it seems you just can’t build a portfolio without a tech giant but mostly because Apple has proven both its long-term reliability and its short-term resiliency. For the long term, Apple is up 130% in the last five years, while in the short haul the company recovered well from the Q4 2018 downturn and has already made up more than half the losses from last month’s market swoon.More importantly, Apple has also shown that it can adapt and change. Steve Jobs’ unique vision underlay his company’s growth in the early 2000s, and his death in 2011 prompted fears that his successor, Tim Cook, would not fill his shoes and the company would stagnate. It is fair to say that events of the past three quarters have laid that fear to rest. While Cook is not Jobs, he hasn’t needed to be – he took over a mature company with established niches and a growing customer base. He has shown himself fully capable of meeting the challenges the market has posed.Cook met last year’s market dip head-on. He admitted that Apple’s core iPhone sales were not going to fully recover, and orchestrated a plan to meet the changing conditions by shifting the sales focus to Services, reconciling iPhone to a longer replacement cycle, and promoting the iPad, iMac, and Macbook lines. Under all of this, helping to ensure success, is the near-billion strong loyal customer base that the company has built over the past decade.So, Apple has the solid foundation that every defensive stock needs. Looking forward, the company made a favorable impression on market analysts earlier this month at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Kathryn Huberty (Track Record & Ratings) of Morgan Stanley said after Apple’s presentation, “After (Monday’s) announcements, we believe Apple Watch and Mac will more meaningfully contribute to App Store growth, while further solidifying Apple as the most attractive platform for app developers.” Noting the company’s commitment to increasing its Services sector, she added, “Apple's top growth opportunity is driving increased user engagement with apps.” Huberty gives Apple a buy rating with a $231 price target, seeing an upside of 19%.Piper Jaffray’s Michael Olson (Track Record & Ratings) also gives Apple high ratings. Peering into the future of iPhone, he notes that 20% of current owners are interested in upgrading to 5G, and says, “Interest in 5G will only grow from here, so this is a favorable early sign that 5G is viewed as a key feature… we believe that as long as services revenue continues to perform well, it will tide many investors over until anticipation for 5G iPhones intensifies.” His price target on AAPL, $230, also suggests an 19% upside.The analyst consensus on AAPL shares is a ‘Moderate Buy,’ based on 19 buy ratings, 16 holds, 2 sells given over the last three months. Shares are trading at $192, so the $212 average price target indicates an upside of 10%.View AAPL Price Target & Analyst Ratings Detail Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)This one is a traditional defensive stock, and it has a reputation for being a bit staid, but don’t let that fool you: Johnson & Johnson offers real value, consistently delivering on both dividend and long-term equity growth. Both are markers of a strong defensive play.The company’s current dividend yield is 2.72%, which may seem small, but at current share prices it equates to an annual payout of $3.80. Better than the actual dividend payment, however, is JNJ’s dividend history. The company has been paying, and steadily increasing, its dividend since the early 1970s. This policy of consistently rewarding shareholders provides a steady source of income for investors, and also encourages them to reinvest that income in the company. It’s a win-win policy.As a long-term investment, JNJ has, like Apple, proven its worth. The stock has gained 56% in the last 5 years, and shows a 9% gain over the past 12 months. And also like Apple, JNJ has proven resilient in the face of adversity: last December, the stock took a hard hit from bad press related to the widely reported talcum powder recall, but has since regained most of that loss. In another example of corporate resiliency, JNJ was recently given a buy rating with a $157 price target by five-star analyst Joanne Wuensch (Track Record & Ratings) of BMO Capital, after she reviewed the status of current legal action the company faced in the state of Oklahoma in regard to the opioid abuse epidemic. Wuensch notes that the case will likely be resolved quickly, and points out, “Litigation is a common occurrence in the health care sector that takes significant time to resolve, and often headlines are worse than reality.” Her price target indicates confidence in the stock, and a 12% upside.Johnson & Johnson’s success rests on two separate bases. The first, and most widely recognized, is the company’s array of popular consumer brands. JNJ is the producer of Band-Aids, Listerine, and Tylenol, to name just a few. Consumer products provide a respectable 16.7% of annual revenue (nearly $14 billion), but the real money for JNJ lies in pharmaceuticals. To put it in perspective, two drugs – Remicade and Simponi – account for 11.3% of the company’s total revenues, two-thirds as much as all of the consumer products.Unlike many large-scale drug producers, Johnson & Johnson is not deeply exposed to payment issues with the Medicare and Medicaid systems. This is important for investors, as both programs have reputations for underpaying, and with an election year coming up both programs are likely to become political footballs as candidates promise ever more benefits. This is a key point noted by Terence Flynn (Track Record & Ratings). Writing for Goldman Sachs, Flynn says, “The company has the lowest exposure to Medicare/Medicaid within the group. As a result, the stock will be less impacted by potential drug pricing headlines/policy proposals ahead of the 2020 presidential election.” Flynn sets a price target of $163 for JNJ, suggesting an upside of 16%.JNJ’s consensus rating of ‘Moderate Buy’ is derived from 7 buy and 5 hold reviews. The stock’s $149 average price target and $140 share price equate to an upside potential of 7%.View JNJ Price Target & Analyst Ratings Detail McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)Fast food burgers might not come immediately to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Return on Investment,’ but McDonald’s has been delivering more than just quick eats. The company has gained an impressive 16% so far this year, rising from $176 on January 2 to a closing price of $205 on June 14. Even more impressive, between May 3 and June 3, while the S&P 500 was slipping 6.8%, MCD shares were gaining 1.2%.It’s all part of a steady-growth story going back to May of 2015, when current CEO Steve Easterbrook took over. McD’s had just posted its first sales decline in more than a decade, and the new chief’s mandate was simple: refresh a stale brand. His ‘Turnaround Plan’ got the company back to basics, emphasizing fresher, higher quality ingredients; a streamlined menu; and physical rebuilding efforts in the company’s aging franchise locations. Through it all, McDonald’s has maintained its high dividend; the payout is now $4.64 annually, for a yield of 2.26%.The market’s analysts agree that MCD is on a stable upward path. Writing at BTIG, Peter Saleh (Track Record & Ratings) says, “The company's menu strategy shift has boosted comps. Expect the increased menu focus on bundles and full price items – and away from deep discounts - to drive higher U.S. average check for the next couple of quarters.” Saleh boosted his price target to $220 on MCD, suggesting an upside of 7%.Saleh’s not alone. Weighing in from Merrill Lynch last week, Gregory Francfort (Track Record & Ratings) sees “2Q-4Q same-store sales (including 3.9%-4.2% for the U.S.) looking conservative with more upside potential than downside risk.” Like Saleh, he gives MCD a $220 price target.Overall, MCD has a ‘Moderate Buy’ consensus based on 19 analyst ratings given in the last three months, including 14 buys and 5 holds. The stock sells for $205 as of June 14, and the average price target of $216 indicates an upside potential of 5.5%.View MCD Price Target & Analyst Ratings Detail Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (LOW)If the US economy does turn down to recession, Lowe’s is in an excellent position to take advantage of the changed conditions. The do-it-yourself home improvement supplier operates on the big-box model, using bulk to offer discounts on the products and services that, in bad times, homeowners are more likely to handle as DIY.This puts Lowe’s strength as a defensive play is in its niche – the stores offer products that most people need, at discounts that grow more attractive in a downturn. Home maintenance won’t stop for a recession, and DIY really is a good way to save money. In addition, Lowe’s has maintained its lucrative contractor business.And now we get to the weakness in this stock. Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement superstore, after Home Depot (HD), and the company is having trouble boosting revenues and earnings against its larger competition. LOW shares have been on a roller coaster ride for the last 18 months, although they are up nearly 8% year-to-date. On an operational level, Lowe’s has had difficulty executing online sales strategy and home delivery, and managing inventory control. Both are putting serious drag on the bottom line, and holding down revenue growth.Pushing back is CEO Marvin Ellison, who took over in July of last year. He has marked both online sales and inventory control as key parts of a turnaround effort to improve the company’s sales and revenue growth. Early assessments of Ellison’s success are guardedly optimistic; LOW did beat sales and revenue expectations in its most recent quarterly report, although EPS missed by 8%. As Keith Hughes (Track Record & Ratings), of SunTrust Robinson points out, “The recovery will not be a "quick story", even though we are positive on the re-set of expectations and maintain that the 10% projected earnings growth this year still tops Home Depot's (HD) expected flat growth.” Hughes sets a $120 price target on LOW, suggesting an upside of 20%.UBS analyst Michael Lasser (Track Record & Ratings) also sets a buy rating on LOW, with an upbeat $115 target and 15% upside. He writes, “The risk-reward ration on the stock is attractive.”On consensus, Lowe’s keeps a ‘Strong Buy’ rating, based on the 14 buys and 4 holds given in the past three months. While the company faces headwinds, it holds a strong position in a valuable niche, and is widely perceived as facing its difficulties effectively. Of the stocks in this article, LOW offers the best upside potential, at 16%, based on the $99 share price and $115 average price target.View LOW Price Target & Analyst Ratings Detail Walmart, Inc. (WMT)Like Lowe’s, Walmart gains its defensive-stock status from its business model. The king of brick-and-mortar retailers offers discount customers the ultimate in one-stop shopping, putting everything that consumers could want or need under one roof, from baby diapers to daily groceries to minor car repairs. Really, there’s nothing you can’t get at Walmart and that fact has made it the world’s largest company by revenue and the world’s largest private employer.Walmart’s biggest competition comes from (AMZN), but it is more of a whale and elephant story than a cage match. Each company is dominant in its own domain, and each has faced challenges trying to expand on the other’s territory. Walmart may have found a way to leverage its existing stores for an online advantage – rather than offer home delivery (an area in which Amazon already excels), Walmart offers online purchasers an option to pick up their merchandise at the nearest Walmart location. This is a viable alternative, since according to some estimates everyone in the US lives within 10 miles of a Walmart store.As a defensive play, Walmart’s greatest advantage is the pedestrian nature of its business. Everyone needs the products they offer, and in hard times, Walmart’s famously low prices will simply look more attractive. Writing after WMT reported FY20 Q1 earnings, Raymond James’ Budd Bugatch (Track Record & Ratings) said, “Investors should be most encouraged by the U.S. segment, which showed a 5.5 percent year-over-year increase in operating income to $4.1 billion. The business saw strength from a favorable sales mix while e-commerce margins came in better than management's own expectations.” While he believes the company is on firm footing, his price target, at $110, suggests only a modest 1% upside.Guggenheim’s Robert Drbul (Track Record & Ratings) sums up Walmart’s case quite well in his recent research note: “We believe the business remains quite healthy, with solid physical/digital results in recent quarters… We continue to believe WMT’s resources uniquely position it to successfully evolve in an ever-changing retail environment. While trade concerns/tariffs may create quarter-to-quarter fluctuations, we believe the management team will astutely navigate any changes.” Drbul maintained a $115, which indicates a 5.5% upside from current levels.On average, WMT shares have a price target of $113, which gives an upside of 4.5% from the share price of $109. The analyst consensus of ‘Moderate Buy’ is based on 8 buys, 2 holds, and 1 sell set in the last three months.View WMT Price Target & Analyst Ratings DetailYou can learn more about these stocks using TipRanks Stock Comparison tool. This is a powerful new tool that shows all the data on multiple stocks. See for yourself how the Comparison Tool works, by using it to look at the stocks in this article.Disclosure: This author holds a long position in Apple, Inc.

Broadcom calls out trade fight for guidance cut, Trump voices concerns about defense mega-merger.

15 Jun, 2019 @ 23:58 by FinancialContent

I'm going over Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google as well as Nvidia. Following a strong bounce in the stock market, where is the market poised to go from here, and can the stock market retest its all-time highs once again this month.

15 Jun, 2019 @ 23:29 by FinancialContent

The fifth generation wireless technology or 5G is ready to take off and will be a game changer when it is fully implemented. There is a lot of excitement over the technology, given its transformative potential.

This weekend's Barron's is the CEO issue. The magazine takes a look at 30 leaders considered the best. Other featured ...

As federal regulators sharpen their focus on big tech, expect to see and hear more from Rep. Ro Khanna, a Silicon Valley congressman who is shaping legislation with a Republican counterpart that is tantamount to an internet Bill of Rights.

If federal regulators are serious about prosecuting Big Tech icons for antitrust practices, they’ll probably have to redefine what constitutes a monopoly in the industry.

Investors might want to think twice before dismissing potential antitrust probes of Big Tech as a temporary concern.

The fear in Silicon Valley is that antitrust investigations of big tech will blunt momentum of an industry that powers the U.S. economy. But history tells us another story.

Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP, a leading national securities law firm, reminds investors in Apple, Inc. (“Apple” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:AAPL) of the June 17, 2019 deadline to seek the role of lead plaintiff in a federal securities class action that has been filed against the Company.

Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”) and KSF partner, the former Attorney General of Louisiana, Charles C. Foti, Jr., remind investors with large financial interests that they have only until June 17, 2019 to file lead plaintiff applications in a securities class action lawsuit against Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS: AAPL). Investor losses must relate to purchases of the Company’s shares between November 2, 2018 and January 2, 2019. This action is pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”) and KSF partner, the former Attorney General of Louisiana, Charles C. Foti, Jr., remind investors with large financial interests that they have only until June 17, 2019 to file lead plaintiff applications in a securities class action lawsuit against Apple Inc. (AAPL). Investor losses must relate to purchases of the Company’s shares between November 2, 2018 and January 2, 2019.

15 Jun, 2019 @ 01:11 by FinancialContent

The e-commerce giant's in-house game developer still has at least two titles in the pipeline.

The Sino-American trade dispute and near-term developments could prove to be a "major swing factor" for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: ...

Apple (AAPL) announced the macOS Catalina, the latest version of its desktop operating system, on June 3. While the company makes changes to its apps every year and introduces new features with each new version, macOS Catalina seems to be bringing forward some exciting new features.

* Indexes: Dow down 0.1%, S&P down 0.2%, Nasdaq down 0.5% (Updates to close)

14 Jun, 2019 @ 20:12 by Yahoo! Finance

When folks think of the Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) portfolio and its collection of holdings, most of which were selected by Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, the companies that most readily come to mind are probably American Express (AXP), Coca-Cola (KO) and, more recently, Apple (AAPL).But a deep dive into Berkshire Hathaway's equity holdings reveals a more complicated picture.Berkshire Hathaway held positions in 48 separate stocks as of March 31, according to regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But the portfolio of "Buffett stocks" isn't as diversified as the number might suggest. In some cases, BRK.B holds more than one share class in the same company. Some holdings are so small as to be immaterial leftovers from earlier bets the Oracle of Omaha has yet to completely exit.And perhaps most importantly, Berkshire Hathaway's equity portfolio is actually pretty concentrated. The top six holdings account for almost 70% of the portfolio's total value. The top 10 positions comprise nearly 80%. Banks and airlines, to cite a couple of sectors, carry quite a load in this portfolio. Then there's the fact that several Buffett stocks actually were picked by portfolio managers Todd Combs and Ted Weschler.Here, we examine each and every holding to give investors a better understanding of the entire Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. SEE ALSO: 50 Top Stocks That Billionaires Love

Let's see what to expect from Oracle's fourth-quarter fiscal 2019 financial results that are due out after the closing bell on Wednesday, June 19.

Last week, Apple (AAPL) announced its latest desktop operating system version 10.15, macOS Catalina, during its 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. While the company has already released the beta version of macOS Catalina, the final version is expected to be available this fall.

Broadcom (AVGO) presented their second quarter earnings on Thursday after market close, and the call, as described by CNBC's Jim Cramer, was "truly depressing."

* Indexes: Dow up 0.1%, S&P flat, Nasdaq down 0.8% (Updates to late afternoon)

14 Jun, 2019 @ 19:28 by FinancialContent

The Cupertino tech giant is extracting hefty concessions from the cable operators.

A timely resolution to U.S.-China trade tensions could add $25 to Apple’s share price within months, according to new research.

Attorney Advertising -- Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC reminds investors that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the following publicly-traded companies. You can review a copy of the Complaints by visiting the links below or you may contact Peretz Bronstein, Esq. or his Investor Relations Analyst, Yael Hurwitz of Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC at 212-697-6484. If you suffered a loss, you can request that the Court appoint you as lead plaintiff.  A lead plaintiff acts on behalf of all other class members in directing the litigation. The lead plaintiff can select a law firm of its choice. An investor's ability to share in any potential future recovery is not dependent upon serving as lead plaintiff. 

Shares of Microsoft Corp. edged up 0.4% toward a record high in afternoon trading Friday, as the software giant looks set to extend its streak as a trillion-dollar company to six sessions, to buck a decline in the broader stock market. After a single day with a trillion-dollar market capitalization on April 29, Microsoft re-claimed that territory on June 7, and has held it since. The market cap was last around $1.018 trillion, while second-place Inc. was way behind at $921.3 billion and Apple Inc. was in third at $887.3 billion. Microsoft's record gain Friday comes despite the Dow Jones Industrial Average being down 14 points, or 0.1%, and the Nasdaq Composite shedding 0.5%.

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A new report says Huawei is adding ads to users phone lock screens, Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, Brian Cheung and Pras Subramanian discuss.

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Chip maker Broadcom’s full-year sales guidance reduction may point to poor iPhone sales, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Apple is Broadcom’s biggest customer.

The sell-off in chipmaking titan Broadcom threw a wet blanket on the new market rally. The Nasdaq and small caps led the drop. This Dow Jones stock rose.

* Indexes down: Dow 0.14%, S&P 0.25%, Nasdaq 0.54% (Updates to early afternoon)

Broadcom traded lower after the company's quarterly revenue missed analyst estimates and lowered its revenue for the fiscal year, saying it sees a "broad-based slowdown" in demand. Following the report, other chip stocks fell in sympathy.

Google Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai is concerned overzealous antitrust probes of Big Tech, including his own, could have far-flung, damaging consequences for the U.S. economy and national security.

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U.S. lawmakers should avoid breaking up tech giants because the country needs them to compete globally in areas like artificial intelligence, Google's CEO said in an interview this wee.

Disney stock cleared a buy point Friday, fueled by more bullish expectations for its upcoming Disney+ video streaming service.

* Indexes down: Dow 0.16%, S&P 0.24%, Nasdaq 0.53% (Updates prices, comments)

* Indexes down: Dow 0.38%, S&P 0.37%, Nasdaq 0.64% (Updates to open)

The stock market was broadly lower early Friday. Broadcom's weak earnings sparked a sell-off in chip stocks in morning trade.

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InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for AAPL, AVGO, DIS, NFLX, and RH.

* Futures down: Dow 0.13%, S&P 0.22%, Nasdaq 0.70% (Updates prices, adds comments)

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U.S. stock index futures dropped on Friday, as the long-feared hit to global growth from President Trump's trade war crystalised in slashed sales forecasts from chipmaker Broadcom, and signs of the worst slowdown in Chinese industry in 17 years.

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The antitrust chief offered insight into how government regulators will target big tech. Except this one.

Alphabet Inc's Google is trying to plug a surge of public scrutiny around the world by overhauling how its policy office operates, with increased emphasis on having policy staffers and top company executives alike building relationships with governments, people familiar with the matter said this week.

Huawei is demanding Verizon Communications Inc pay $1 billion to license the rights to patented technology, signaling a potential shift in the embattled Chinese company's strategy for the U.S. market.

Some privacy experts have sounded the alarm over Study, the company’s latest foray into ‘market research.’

Apple Inc supplier Japan Display Inc said on Friday it had not received notice from a Chinese-Taiwanese consortium about a potential 80 billion yen ($740 million) investment, raising the possibility of a critical delay in much-needed cash.

Apple Inc supplier Japan Display Inc on Friday said it had not received notice from a Chinese-Taiwanese consortium about a potential 80 billion yen ($740 million) investment, raising the possibility of a critical delay in much-needed cash.

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Amazon's video service is better positioned to succeed than any of the other existing players.

Alphabet Inc's Google is trying to plug a surge of public scrutiny around the world by overhauling how its policy office operates, with increased emphasis on having policy staffers and top company executives alike building relationships with governments, people familiar with the matter said this week.

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U.S. President Donald Trump met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday to discuss trade and other hot-button issues facing the tech company as Trump deliberates whether to make good on his threat to hike tariffs on imports from China.

13 Jun, 2019 @ 22:32 by FinancialContent

U.S. President Donald Trump met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday to discuss trade, U.S. investment, immigration and privacy, a White House spokesman said.

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Top tickers for end of day: MRK, DIS, SSRM, HTZ, WDC, AAPL.

Dow Jones futures: Broadcom warned of "broad-based weakness," citing China trade war tensions. Broadcom stock dived. Other chip stocks fell, along with Broadcom customer Apple.

Investors should look deeper than the press release to understand why the OLED technologist formed UDC Ventures.

President Donald Trump on Thursday said it’s too early to make an agreement with Iran, as the U.S. blamed Tehran for attacking two tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

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Investment bank Mizuho Securities on Thursday cut its forecast for Apple smartphone production this year, saying the new iPhone lineup this fall is unlikely to drive meaningful growth.

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The Invesco Russell 1000—Dynamic Multifactor ETF is seeing unusually high volume in afternoon trading Thursday, with over 472,000 shares traded versus three month average volume of about 64,000. Shares of OMFL were up about 0.3% on the day.

* Oil surges as much as 4%; Energy top gainer among S&P sectors

One of the biggest uncertainties for U.S. tech stock investors these days is the growing uncertainty surrounding potential antitrust ...

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When Broadcom reports second-quarter results after the close Thursday, Wall Street analysts will be looking for signs the chip industry is starting to recover from its current down cycle.

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By Toroso Investments In last week’s ETF Think Tank research note, we covered the importance of ETF advisors having an IPS to drive portfolio management and allow a focus on growth. This week we lighten things up a bit with ETF Nerd trivia. We cover 5 distinct questions intended to  inspire and...

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