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The greater Seattle area is the epicenter for disruption and innovation in leading industries from software and financial technology to biotech, cloud computing, agriculture and aerospace.

Shoe retailers urge Trump to halt raising tariffs as White House considers blacklisting Chinese video surveillance companies.

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Let these stocks pay you in your golden years.

Business Journal Managing Editor Rob Johnson takes readers through a recap of Seattle business news. We call it Business Journal Untucked.

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Topping process? Studies review market from new angles, including a look at how companies survive and thrive over decades - or don't.

Read the beginning of this article here. As of March 31st, 2019, Dorsal Capital Management's most valuable position was also one of its newest acquisitions, Altaba Inc. (NASDAQ:AABA). The fund purchased 2.15 million shares of the publicly traded closed-end management investment company that used to be known as Yahoo! Inc. The value of the stake […]

Chuck Robbins minces no words in describing how he took the baton from Silicon Valley legend John Chambers and began to radically remake Cisco Systems Inc.: “The last quarter before I took over was a record for revenue, but I said we were going to change everything,” Robbins told MarketWatch.

Among private companies that were worth $1 billion or more in 2015, Twilio, Okta and Zscaler have produced some of the best returns. Taken as a group, they've underperformed a straight bet on Microsoft. In November 2015, tech investor Marc Andreessen weighed in on a hot debate about whether Silicon Valley's start-ups were frothy from all the cash propping up so-called unicorns, or venture-backed companies valued at $1 billion or more.

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The largest-cap stocks are outperforming in the S&P 500, which remains above key support as margin debt levels continue to climb.

Slack Technologies Inc. is looking for a better direct-listing fate than Spotify Technology SA. The music-streaming service reminded tech unicorns late last year that companies don’t have to issue new shares or raise money through a traditional offering if they wish to go public, and now Slack is following in its footsteps. The business-chat company filed direct-listing paperwork on Friday.

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The world's top 10 technology names include seven American names, but you'll find a couple of Chinese companies and a Korean conglomerate on the list, too.

25 May, 2019 04:26 Yahoo! Finance - Here’s a look at three things that were under the radar this past week. Inc shareholders overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that the company stop selling facial recognition technology to government agencies, while a resolution to audit the service drew more support, a regulatory filing on Friday showed.

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FANG stocks are in correction as trade tensions hit tech. How to trade the tech slump. With CNBC's Scott Wapner and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Steve Grasso and Dan Nathan.

In the latest trading session, Microsoft (MSFT) closed at $126.04, marking a -0.11% move from the previous day.

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Microsoft rose modestly on Friday and down just slightly for the week.

A major selling point for Xbox One is its broad backward compatibility with anarray of Xbox and Xbox 360 games, giving it an enormous library of more than3,500 titles

Stocks rebound slightly: Intuit pops, Microsoft and Lululemon set up tightly.

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is a worldwide phenomenon. That much is something few can argue about. In the past three years, AMZN stock is up 164%, and that includes all the hiccups and rallies. That's nearly 54% annual gains. And if you go back even further, that growth trend continues.Source: Shutterstock It's this regularity of outsized performance that keeps AMZN stock in the portfolios of all the major hedge funds, mutual funds and institutional portfolios.But this universal love wasn't always there. Historically, Amazon stock always got a sideways glance from big investors. The company would (and still does) pump most of its profits back into growth projects -- entertainment, groceries, cloud storage, supply chain management, etc. -- rather than banking some for a rainy day or giving it back to investors as a dividend.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsThat is what traditional companies have done. And when AMZN started growing, it was assumed it would do the same. It didn't.Every quarter analysts waited for results and would trade the stock for every tick up and down in its earnings and revenue, never quite sure whether to buy in deeper or run far, far away. * 10 Tech Stocks Walloped by the Huawei Ban But after a number of years, and especially after its Amazon Web Services started printing money, analysts got on the bull train for the long run. AWS launched in 2006, and is now the world's largest cloud provider.Granted in recent years, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been growing market share, as has IBM (NYSE:IBM), but AWS is so massive, it's even working joint ventures with its competitors.Last year, AWS was responsible for 58% of AMZN's operating income. The division generates about $26 billion, a 45% increase from 2017. Given that margins are around 30%, that's a lot of cash that gets dumped back into new products and services.Its moves into artificial intelligence (AI) via its Alexa platform is a good illustration on the big-thinking that powers AMZN stock.These devices are compelling on their own and are beginning to power many partnerships with delivery services, subscription services and the like. But AMZN sees beyond that. The company has partnered with a builder in Southern California that is currently doing a pilot project with AMZN to build smart houses powered -- and protected -- by AMZN AI.Also, coincidentally, Amazon is starting to sell DIY houses on for $20,000. Free shipping of course. And you can bet that in coming iterations, there will be pre-wired Alexa-friendly houses in the mix.As for its retail operations, there may some issues as the trade war heats up, which means there will be selling now in anticipation of a quarter or two of earnings disappointments. But that has never stopped AMZN in the past.It is still the one to beat when it comes to e-commerce, with retail players like Walmart (NYSE:WMT) and Target (NYSE:TGT) still playing catch-up.Yes, there may be some turmoil for AMZN stock near term, but that just makes it a better buy long term.Louis Navellier is a renowned growth investor. He is the editor of four investing newsletters: Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits and Platinum Growth. His most popular service, Growth Investor, has a track record of beating the market 3:1 over the last 14 years. He uses a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis to identify market-beating stocks. Mr. Navellier has made his proven formula accessible to investors via his free, online stock rating tool, Louis Navellier may hold some of the aforementioned securities in one or more of his newsletters. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 5 Safe Stocks to Buy This Summer * The 5 Best Telecom Stocks to Buy Now * 6 Innovative Stocks With Big Long-Term Growth Potential Compare Brokers The post Not Even a Trade War Can Stop Amazon Stock appeared first on InvestorPlace.

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Jana Partners is a New York-based value-oriented and event-driven hedge fund that was launched 18 years ago by Barry Rosenstein. Prior to founding his own investment management firm, Barry Rosenstein honed his investment acumen at private equity fund Sagaponack Partners, at Genesis Merchant Group's Investment and Merchant Banking Group, which he founded as well. Barry […]

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Do you want market-weight exposure with less chance of being on the losing side of the trade war off and on our price charts? Then look no further than Nasdaq heavyweight Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and get ready to buy MSFT stock. Let me explain.Source: Shutterstock For more than a few years, if investors wanted above-average market returns and growth leadership from one of the market's mega-capitalization stocks, there was no better bet than Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).But in today's stock market it's all about MSFT stock.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsThere was a time when Microsoft felt like the slow, out-of-shape kid waiting to get picked in a schoolyard game -- the one that nobody really wanted on their team. The period largely coincided with AAPL stock's heyday and legendary bull run out of 2009's financial crisis abyss. Don't get me wrong though, MSFT stock still rallied alongside the broader market and enjoyed outsized gains of its own.Still, MSFT stock was certainly no Apple. In fact it took a gain of 300% from the March 2009 bottom through October 2016 before Microsoft even managed to claim new all-time-highs and shed its dot-com bubble high of $60 a share. But in today's market, Microsoft has transformed itself into the world's largest capitalization company. Much of this success is attributed to what I like to call a rebooted Microsoft Version 2.0. * 5 Safe Stocks to Buy This Summer In the past few years, Microsoft has successfully branched out from being simply, albeit a dominant a PC software company into leaner and meaner entity that's winning in exciting growth markets like the cloud with its Azure platform or artificial intelligence. The numbers speak for themselves, most recently a month ago, when MSFT stock delivered another profit-topping report backed by solid growth prospects.The performance is all the more impressive as it's happened despite the trade war between China and U.S. and what's become a definite drag on many diverse market heavyweights like Apple, (NASDAQ:AMZN), Boeing (NYSE:BA) and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). And Microsoft's story becomes even better in today's market if investors simply look at the MSFT stock price chart. MSFT Stock Weekly ChartIt was during last winter's ubiquitous market correction where MSFT stock really began to demonstrate its technical leadership. First, in a good sort of way, shares of Microsoft failed to match the broader indices' descent into bear market territory. Specifically, its corrective move of 19% fell short of the 20% benchmark and compared favorably to the Nasdaq's loss of around 23%.Secondly, at their lows shares of Microsoft also managed to find support above its 38% retracement level. At the same time, the Nasdaq sunk deep enough to test prices from October 2017.Now and as the Nasdaq has pulled back beneath its October highs after a fleeting and narrow capture of fresh all-time-highs, MSFT has been quietly and more constructively consolidating in a symmetrical triangle continuation pattern. Trading Microsoft StockFor traders agreeable with our bullish outlook, the recommendation is to put MSFT stock on the radar for buying above $130.50. This entry is marginally above the prior week's bullish engulfing candlestick and looks to position as shares stage an upside breakout through angular pattern resistance.As a continuation pattern breakout play, I'd estimate $150-$165 is the eventual price target. This price area more or less mirrors the rally from the December bottom to the April high.Bottom line though or more aptly the squiggly price line, if an entry does trigger I'd also recommend exiting below $124. In the event this particular triangle doesn't pan out as intended, closing the position at that point looks more than reasonable as far as exposure is concerned, both off and on the price chart.Investment accounts under Christopher Tyler's management do not currently own positions in any securities mentioned in this article. The information offered is based upon Christopher Tyler's observations and strictly intended for educational purposes only; the use of which is the responsibility of the individual. . For additional market insights and related musings, follow Chris on Twitter @Options_CAT and StockTwits. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 5 Safe Stocks to Buy This Summer * The 5 Best Telecom Stocks to Buy Now * 6 Innovative Stocks With Big Long-Term Growth Potential Compare Brokers The post Microsoft Stock Takes Aim at $150 appeared first on InvestorPlace.

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Let's check out three blue-chip tech stocks to consider buying right now.

Microsoft is a leader in the rapidly expanding cloud-computing market. Here is how Microsoft stock's technicals and fundamentals look before its Q1 report.

In 2015, a year after Satya Nadella became its CEO and committed his company to the cloud, I put some Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) shares in my retirement account and forgot about them. My patience has been rewarded. A $53 investment in MSFT stock is worth almost $127 now, and reinvesting dividends has brought me more shares, which have also risen in value.Source: Shutterstock With a market cap of $972 billion, Microsoft is now the world's most valuable company, and despite his earnest philanthropy, co-founder Bill Gates is worth over $100 billion.The question is how long can the company keep growing without getting into the same monopoly penalty box that kept it from reaching its 1999 highs until 2016?InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsThat's Nadella's challenge now. Spreading Bets Through CloudThe key is to continue spreading the company's bets, using the Azure cloud, growing as humbly as it can. * 10 Names That Are Screaming Stocks to Buy The humility is evident in the company's numbers. Growth returned just two years ago, and net income was lower in fiscal 2018 than in 2017. But Nadella was using the time to build infrastructure and relationships. The big benefits have begun appearing in the last six months. At its present pace, Microsoft will bring in well over $120 billion of revenue and over $30 billion of net income during fiscal 2019, adding to a cash pile that had reached $131 billion at the end of March. Microsoft has already piled up over $21 billion in operating cash flow through the first half of the fiscal year. Forget it becoming IBM (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft is now Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).The key lies in partnering with other companies and not trying to consume them. Microsoft has over 200 cloud partners, most of which you have never heard of, for whom its tools are essential. Microsoft has deep relationships with companies like Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) and SAP (NYSE:SAP). But it has avoided a big acquisition that might lead rivals to compare it with Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), which bought many of its database channel partners in the 2000s, then demanded monopoly rents.The best evidence for how well this works is a recent announcement with Sony (NYSE:SNE) on gaming and streaming. The two firms' consoles have battled each other for decades. But in the new field of cloud gaming, they position themselves as underdogs against Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL), which are already in the field. Good to Not Be KingThe strength of other cloud czars is Microsoft's secret weapon in any battle with regulators.Windows is no longer a monopoly thanks to Google Chromebooks. Skype is barely mentioned in video calling -- the focus is all on Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM). No one worries about LinkedIn because Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is so dominant.The acquisitions Microsoft is making are on the bleeding edge, in the Internet of Things, where it trails Chinese giants like Alibaba (NASDAQ:BABA). Microsoft was seen as a good home for Github, the open source repository, because it's seen as more neutral than other potential acquirers, like IBM, might be. The Bottom LineIn his most recent conference call, Nadella emphasized areas like security, hardware and social, where the company clearly trails market leaders.But Microsoft Azure is the most profitable cloud. Microsoft booked $9.7 billion of revenue as "intelligent cloud" during the quarter, with margins of over 20%, putting $3.4 billion of new capital to work there. Again, thank goodness for Amazon. No one is screaming about an "Azure monopoly."So long as Nadella can keep spreading his bets, Microsoft and investors like me will keep smiling all the way to the bank.Dana Blankenhorn is a financial and technology journalist. He is the author of a new environmental story, Bridget O'Flynn and the Bear, available now at the Amazon Kindle store. Write him at or follow him on Twitter at @danablankenhorn. As of this writing he owned shares in MSFT, AMZN and AAPL. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 5 Safe Stocks to Buy This Summer * The 5 Best Telecom Stocks to Buy Now * 6 Innovative Stocks With Big Long-Term Growth Potential Compare Brokers The post The Real Reason Microsoft Stock Stands Out Among Other Big Tech Names appeared first on InvestorPlace.

DXC Technology's (DXC) results in the fiscal fourth quarter benefit from strength in digital business. However, a weak legacy application services business and lower demand from Northern Europe and the U.K. are headwinds.

Shares of Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) have bullishly opened above the pivot of $125.74 today and have reached the first resistance level of $126.73. Analysts will be watching for a...

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* Indexes up: Dow 0.65%, S&P 0.62%, Nasdaq 0.86% (Updates to open)

Stock futures rebounded Friday: Deckers Outdoor jumped, Microsoft dumped Huawei goods and the Dow Jones Industrial Average eyed a 5th straight weekly loss.

U.S. stock index futures edged higher on Friday, attempting to bounce back from the previous session's steep sell-off, on cautious optimism after President Donald Trump predicted a swift end to the ongoing tariff war with China.

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Inclusion of diary items does not necessarily mean that Reuters will file a story based on the event.

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Alphabet is easily able to pay a dividend; it simply has not made the decision to initiate a dividend yet. But this could change, which is why investors should not be surprised to see Alphabet start paying dividends in the next several years.

At least seven stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3 points or more amid a broad sell-off. Defensive play Kirkland Lake Gold showed strength.

SmarTrend identified an Uptrend for Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) on January 9th, 2019 at $104.06. In approximately 4 months, Microsoft Corp has returned 20.66% as of today's recent price of...

23 May, 2019 17:23 FinancialContent

* Indexes fall: Dow 1.71%, S&P 1.72%, Nasdaq 2.09% (Updates to early afternoon)

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Among the underlying components of the S&P 500 index, we saw noteworthy options trading volume today in Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), where a total of 134,847 contracts have traded so far, representing approximately 13.5 million underlying shares. That amounts to about 51.6% of MSFT's average daily trading volume over the past month of 26.1 million shares..

Six investing lessons you can learn from tech investor Kevin Landis.

23 May, 2019 16:21 Seeking Alpha

* Indexes fall: Dow 1.39%, S&P 1.33%, Nasdaq 1.51% (Changes comment, updates prices)

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Symbols mentioned in this story: SPTM, MSFT, AMZN, V Exchange traded funds (ETFs) trade just like stocks, but instead of ''shares'' investors are actually buying and selling ''units''. These ''units'' can be traded back and forth just like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to accommodate investor demand..

* Indexes fall: Dow 1.51%, S&P 1.32%, Nasdaq 1.52% (Updates to open)

The number of companies, trade groups or other organizations disclosing efforts to influence Washington on immigration matters stands right around an all-time high.

A company working to make open-source self-driving software reliable enough to be used in commercially available vehicles said it had hired a former German car boss as it seeks to expand its reach.

Sovereign wealth funds invested more than $3 billion in unlisted technology companies in 2018, the highest level in three years, research showed on Thursday, as public markets shrank due to fewer initial public offerings and big share buybacks.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng says the American ban on China companies — notably Huawei Technologies — is a threat to “the global industrial supply chain.”

Cracks are showing in the performance of Facebook, Alphabet and other stocks.

Wall Street was setting up for a bumpy session on Thursday as a U.S.-China trade spat simmered and the Fed failed to give stocks a lift from the minutes of the latest meeting. Inc said shareholders rejected proposals to curb and audit its facial recognition service on Wednesday, just as members of Congress indicated there was bipartisan support to one day regulate the technology.

Representatives from more than 70 companies met with U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to push for a tax on carbon emissions to fight climate change, and a senator said bipartisan legislation containing such a plan could be introduced in weeks.

‘In many communities, this reinforces commonly held gender biases that women are subservient and tolerant of poor treatment,’ a recent UN report said.

The market for alternative plant-based or lab-made meat could climb to $140 billion in the next 10 years as emerging companies capture a 10% share of the $1.4 trillion meat market, Barclays said Wednesday.

On May 8, Microsoft Corp. announced the recipients of the 2019 Microsoft Supplier Program (MSP) Excellence Awards. The MSP Excellence Awards recognize excellence by Microsoft's top suppliers in performance, relationship, value, reduced risk, diversity, sustainability and impact sourcing. The MSP mission is enabling a compliant, capable and competitive supply base to deliver increasing value to Microsoft and its suppliers. Winners of the 2019 MSP Excellence Awards were vetted by an award selection committee including representatives from procurement, business group stakeholders and external judges.

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Bill Gates is recommending five summer reads — several of which could help investors be more aware of important business shifts.

A landmark European privacy law is making waves worldwide a year after it came into force, fundamentally changing the way data are handled as Facebook , Apple and Google face increasingly frequent complaints.

Coming to a VR device near you: interaction with your favorite comic book characters

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As part of a strategic partnership, Microsoft plans to develop new AI-powered image sensors with Sony.

The Nasdaq composite and the Russell 2000 edged the Dow Jones amid a broad rally for the stock market. But will inflows into stocks on Wall Street return?

The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) has been in existence since 2001 and is a passively managed index fund that is intended to replicate the performance of the overall U.S. stock market. More specifically, it tracks the CRSP U.S. Total Market Index, which is composed of an assortment of more...

Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) has opened bullishly above the pivot of $126.52 today and has reached the first level of resistance at $127.28. Should the shares continue to rise, the...

EU antitrust regulators will decide by June 27 whether to clear U.S. tech giant International Business Machines Corp's $34 billion bid for software company Red Hat.

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The two video game console rivals set aside their differences for the moment and set their sights on Google's Stadia.

21 May, 2019 02:47 FinancialContent

The popular game goes in a new direction.

Looking for stocks to buy? Get analysis of large-cap stocks like Amazon, Alibaba and Dow Jones stocks GE and Microsoft to see if it's time to buy — or sell.

After kick-starting the augmented-reality headset market in 2013 with Google Glass, Alphabet went quiet with its efforts. Google on Monday announced a second-generation Glass headset.

Mike Wilson, chief U.S. equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, writes in a research note dated Sunday, that the 2018 market rally, subsequent correction and early-2019 recovery have masked the fact that since June, the defensive utilities, real estate and consumer-staples sectors have led the S&P 500 index on a total return basis.

Smart money flows are positive in Alphabet, and momentum-crowd money flows are negative.

Zoom Video can sustain torrid customer growth despite tough competition, says an analyst. Zoom stock slipped on Monday, but it's still up 135% from its initial public offering price.

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