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18 Jan, 2019
A roundup of notable recent departures and hirings at Coinbase, one of the most coveted places to work in the crypto industry.
Headlines inspired cautious investor sentiment has resulted in low trading volume and volatility resulting in range-bound price action.
The Stock Exchange of Thailand is looking to capitalize on investor interest in cryptos by offering a new digital assets exchange.
Bitcoin's eight-day stretch of consolidation looks to have weakened the prospects of a drop back to December lows near $3,100.
It’s back in the red for Bitcoin and the broader market. Holding onto $3,700 will be key to preventing a possible return to $3,500 levels.
17 Jan, 2019
OKCoin founder Star Xu may be seeking a possible backdoor IPO by buying a majority stake in a Hong Kong-listed company.
QuadrigaCX users' concerns were compounded by the exchange's announcement that its CEO had died more than a month earlier.
Bitcoin & other legacy cryptos stagnate owing to lack of news or updates that could help create a breakout opportunity.
Bitcoin's daily price volatility has plummeted in the last 12 months as the bear market killed off the speculative frenzy.
16 Jan, 2019
Despite investors caution over delay in ETH hard fork headlines from Russia continues to some level of activity in day to day market.
Bitcoin has reported losses in January for the last four years, and a fifth now looks on the cards.
Binance has launched a new fiat-to-crypto exchange on the self-governing British island of Jersey.
It’s slow and steady through the early hours, with Bitcoin needing to make a move to avoid a reversal later in the day…
Here's why several stablecoins saw sudden bursts of activity over the past three months.
15 Jan, 2019
Bitcoin futures are trading below the cryptocurrency's spot price, signaling market participants have a bearish outlook on bitcoin over the coming months.
Bitcoin and legacy cryptos range bound on recent gains but it is unlikely to be starting point of bullish price rally.
Belarus-based blockchain startup has launched a trading platform for tokenized securities.
If bitcoin breaks above a key moving average, it could be considered a sign a bearish-to-bullish trend change has begun.
A positive start to the week is usually a good sign for what lies ahead, though a break through to $3,800 levels is going to be needed.
14 Jan, 2019
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